Why I’m doing this, or, back in show biz


What does Rich de Give say? That’s right up there with “What would Brian Boitano do.”

The truth is, much like the retired circus janitor who misses sweeping up behind the elephants, I miss being in show business and the joys of telling the stories of the games people play and the people that play them.

That, and 140 characters isn’t enough in this era of information, even to someone who thought the biggest perk of being sports editor of the college paper was getting an electric typewriter, a solo jump into cyberspace is nothing new.

And besides, with so much of what I have to say spread out over so many social media threads, I really needed a one-stop shop for all my friends.

So, stop the presses, put the phone into airplane mode, take the server down and time to belly up to the sports buffet, where, just to mess with NBC, everything’s on live. Just remember to eat all you take, use a clean plate each time and consume all alcoholic beverages on the premises.

  • We may never see anything quite like what Michael Phelps has accomplished in our lifetime. A testament to his greatness, of course, but a tribute to a system that alows him to continue his athletic career as long as he has.
  • Phelps says – again – this is his last Olympics. But don’t discount 2032. By that time, his son may be ready for the U.S. team. If Ken Griffey can join his son in the outfield with the Seattle Mariners and Gordie Howe can play on the same line as his sons in the World Hockey Association, then why not Phelps?
  • Still waiting for some celebrity clickbait site to wonder why Caitlyn Jenner isn’t going for the double in the heptathlon.
  • Unless things have changed since I was in elementary school, it’s stand at attention during the national anthem, hand over heart for the Pledge of Allegiance. So why the fuss over Gabby Douglas not having her hand over her heart on the podium? Or is it just a product of patriotic political correctness run amok? Forget about the blood, sweat and tears it takes to win a gold medal, she must not disgrace Amurica!
  • The 60s were a crazy enough time as it was, but can you imagine the outrage in today’s media climate over the “Black Power” salute by Tommie Smith and John Carlos in 1968? We may have had some commentator melt down on live TV like the Wicked Witch of the West.
  • First a blue playing surface for field hockey, now a blue track at the main track and field venue. How can Boise State host all these things if they’re not in a Power 5 conference?
  • The way NBC broadcasts the Olympics, putting a priority on canned features ahead of actual events, you wonder how they would have approached other events, say, the 1951 National League playoffs. “And here comes Ralph Branca to face Bobby Thomson in the bottom of the ninth and the pennant on the line. What motivates Branca? Here’s Hoda Kotb with a profile. But before we go back to Russ Hodges at the Polo Grounds, we’re going to send you out to gymnastics, where Gabby Douglas has been spotted picking her nose.”

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