Olympic rings around the collared

What does Rich de Give say as the world says goodbye to Rio? Lets take
a last lap or two around the Olympic rings.
• Although it’s been said, many times, many ways, one thing is
becoming clear, again, in the case of Ryan Lochte, the multi-medaled
U.S. swimmer and his attempt to cover an incident at a Rio de Janeiro
gas station, once again, it’s not the crime, it’s the cover-up.
• Working title for the inevitable Lifetime movie/30 for 30 special:
“Rings Around the Collared.”
• So what happens next? That’s up to Brazilian officials, of course.
But Lochte may have locked up the gold medal in the men’s tapdancing
• Boys will be boys, as the USOC would have us believe? Lochte is 32.
Own it, don’t cover it up.
• All of which is too bad, however, since, in terms of the athletes,
it was an incident-free competition. Examples of the Olympic spirit,
and the best of us no matter which country we call home, abounded,
such as the women’s 5,000 meters runners helping each other finish
their qualifying race shortly after a collision.
• Because that’s what happens in, oh, every Olympics: Concerns about
attendance, incomplete venues and housing, and, oh, almost everything,
gives way to the athletes once the torch is lit. As it should.
• Olympic wrestling coaches, on the other hand …
• And speaking of owning it, take a bow, Elliote Friedman of the CBC.
He admitted making the wrong call on a swimming race, then went about
doing his job. All you can ask of from a true professional pressed
into duty at the last moment.
• NBC’s prime time ratings are down from London? Some blame streaming,
but the nightly shows are when the network makes its money. And
continuing to treat two Top 10 markets like Los Angeles and San
Francisco like children not deemed worthy of seeing events live may be
biting the network back.
• Or shall we say West Coast viewers are flipping the network the, uh,
peacock? Of course we can,
• Meanwhile, remember that sooner or later you’ll be shown every down
of a preseason football game live, like it or not!
• And while some eagerly await the arrival of the NFL regular season,
don’t forget that, at least to Californians, it all begins this week
with high school football.
• Whether you call a posh suburb, small farming community or big city
home, this should be one of the highlights of the sporting year,
supporting not only the players, but the bands, cheerleaders and so
many others who get involved.
• Yes, there are and probably always will be questions about
concussions and player safety issues, which thane involved in the game
are working on, but on the whole, would you rather see our youth
involved in a sport, or some of the negative influences on society?
• So let’s tee it up and kick it off.


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