Beware: Bandwagon loading/unloading zone

Thoughts for a Tuesday …

  • Amazing, isn’t it, how winning can cure all ills in the mind of a sports fan, at least for a few days.

Fans who were jumping off the Giants’ bandwagon last week are suddenly climbing back on after a sweep of the Arizona Diamondbacks. The same scene is repeating itself in Santa Clara after the 49ers defeated the obviously not ready for prime time Rams. And you have to wonder if some in La-la-land may be wondering if St. Louis want them back? This too will be solved with a W, especially at home.

  • Meanwhile, until we see otherwise, the best pro football offense at the Coliseum may belong to … USC?
  • Some are calling for a change in the rules after Central Michigan’s victory over Oklahoma State last weekend on an untimed down awarded after a penalty against Oklahoma State. It was discovered ex post facto that officials misapplied the rule, thus leading some to say Oklahoma State should be declared the winner.

Not gonna happen, of course. Although it’s been said, many times, many ways, you can likely call a penalty on every play in a football game. If you were to replay each one after a mistake is discovered, it’s likely Princeton and Rutgers would sill be playing that first college football game back in 1869. Of course, with all the starters now deceased, a change in substitution rules would be needed.

  • Speaking of penalties … your humble scribe was on duty at a high school game last week where the ref was miked, like at an NFL or college game. One of his major duties, of course, was announcing penalties and how many yards the infraction cost a team. But do we really need the number of the offending player announced? I can understand wanting to create a big-time environment by miking the referee, but these are still high school kids.
  • Rest in peace, Bakersfield Blaze. To be continued in Carolina. Excellent piece of long form journalism here:
  • Finally, I fear some may be missing the message on the Colin Kaepernick protests.
  • His main aim is being accomplished in starting a dialogue on the issues of his protest. Some athletes are even joining in the protests, which is encouraging.

But should we really be dismissive of his opinion, as some have called for, because he’s the backup quarterback on what appears to be a .500 team? And do we really think that, if he doesn’t like the state of affairs in the U.S., he should leave, rather than fight for a better country?

It appears to be a case of attacking the messenger rather than dealing with the message. And nothing’s getting fixed until we deal with that.


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