Moderation from moderators?

Having trouble getting over the hump? A few thoughts for a Wednesday to get you going.

  • Two weeks ago, NBC’s Matt Lauer caught heat for throwing batting practice pitches to Donald Trump during the Commander-In-Chief Forum, while delivering high heat to Hillary Clinton. Now, NBC’s Lester Holt is facing The Wrath of Trump for his questions during Monday’s presidential debate.

Don’t know about you, but if they’re ticking off both sides, why not keep tapping NBC News for the rest of the debate season.

  • But somehow this should be expected from Trump. He’ll be strong against ISIS and China, but can’t handle questions from journalists like Megyn Kelly, Holt or the Washington Post? Oh, you say the microphone was faulty? Two words: Sound check.

Things like makes one wonder why the truth meter didn’t explode Monday night.

  • RIP Arnold Palmer. The man and the golfer may be dead, but the tractor and the drink will live on forever.

While covering events, such as the recent PGA Tour Champions event at Pebble Beach, I’m there to work, not stargaze. But when seeing Palmer was the honorary co-chairman of the event, the fan in me hoped he was there. Alas, some things aren’t meant to be.

  • A University of Nebraska regent was rebuked by the university’s president after the former said players who participated in a protest during the national anthem should be kicked off the team.

It’s good to see the university support freedom of speech and, in bringing the players and those opposing their views together, recognizing the spirit of the protest in setting up a dialogue.

But, such comments make me wonder how young minds are being shaped by such comments.

Do we want a country where dissenting views are suppressed in the interest of blind patriotism, or do we want a country where, when problems are identified, we can work together to fix them?

  • In the same spirit is the story of the high school student in Michigan who posted a picture of foul tap water in a school restroom on social media and was was suspended, with the school citing concerns over taking photos in the restroom.

Yet, the school didn’t work to fix the water problem until other students also posted photos of themselves in the restroom.

Again, the problem is not the protest. It’s the water. And a lot more.

  • Pennant races and the battle for the wild card are boiling down to a precious few games, but all we hear about is Tim Tebow’s home run in an instructional league game?

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