Shopping overload!

And so it begins, even earlier than usual, it seems.

Unless you’re watching a non-commercial network, how do you miss them?

Black Friday deals starting now! Avoid the lines! Don’t forget Small Business Saturday! Buy today and avoid a Cyber Monday crash!

Yes, just like a baseball fan treats Opening Day as one of the high holy days on the calendar, and outdoorsmen rearrange their schedules for the opening of fishing or hunting season, so has the shopaholics found their Holy Grail with the start of the Christmas shopping season.

Stan Freeberg was one of the first to touch on this phenomenon with his “Green Christmas” in 1958, which featured the memorable line “Deck the halls with advertising.”

Who knew some 50 years later, the world would take him seriously?

Get this now! No, get that! Hurry up before they’re gone! Oops, too late, but try this Next Big Thing!

Oh, and don’t forget we’re not gonna close Wednesday, so you can get that shopping fix all day Thursday! Thursday! Thursday!

Not begrudging the businessman a chance to make a buck as we all do our part to make America great again, but much like Freeberg, I wonder if what we’re celebrating and what we should be doing during this time of year – all year, come to think of it – is getting replaced by the message Must Shop Now.

It all starts with a manger near Bethlehem a handful more than 2,000 years ago.

What we give and when we bought it – if we choose to participate in the buyathon at all – should not get lost in the shuffle.

It’s been my holiday custom of late to bake cookies for coworkers and family members. None of that premade stuff, either, I do it from scratch. Takes all day, sometimes several days, but that gift of personal time is that important to me.

Your mileage may vary, of course, but in the midst of this annual shopping frenzy, don’t forget to do something special and personal, for the others in your life.

As a result, your days will be merry and bright.


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